Goodbye Winamp. +

I’ve finally had it with all the bullshit they tried to push into it over the years… And it used to be such an awesome piece of software, back in the days. Uninstalled. For good.

It seems inevitable — (almost) every good piece of software starts sucking once it gets bought by the big guys — the marketing beast starts creeping in…

Can anyone recommend a good non-bloated multimedia player (for music pleasure mostly), other than iTunes or Windows Media Player?

9 Responses to “Goodbye Winamp.”

  1. bloated is new non-bloated man! :) it’s all the same when you have quad cores running in background.

    btw try foobar. it hardly has any code in it. I dumped nero for the same reasons, and now I am happy imgburn user.

  2. Yes, Foobar is very good, very customizable with lots of great plugins.
    Also, you could always return to good ol’ Winamp 2.x…

  3. Yeah, I was just going to mention Winamp 2.91, which I am using for about 4 or 5 years now.

  4. I while back I wrote little app that starts up with windows and plays random mp3s in background. no config, no gui no nothing. not even a freaking volume control. winshuffle.exe was it’s name. can’t find it anywhere but if somebody has it, please mail me back one copy. :)

  5. Yeah, foobar2000 is very nice… lean, fast, geeky :) And it’s supported by ;)

  6. I used Foobar and iTunes but something keeps me going back to the good ‘ol Ljama Ass Winamp, maybe its because that I’m a keyboard control winamp addict… I dunno
    I’m bookmarking your post to see what have you found that suits you.

  7. Trying out musikCube at the moment…

  8. Songbird also looks promising, haven’t tried it yet though…

  9. Hm, no one can recommend VLC player? beside of itunes that I love, VLC is the next player I could recommend, expecially for his streaming options. But, your choice is your choice right? :P