Out with the old, in with the new! +

Ok, so the year 2008 has begun, and it’s time to start writing publishing the stuff that goes around my head. In the following days I’ll setup the rest of the infrastructure that’ll help me get my stuff out in the open. Those include, but are not limited to :), the following:

  • a slick new wordpress template (designed by the guy “you can’t do without” — emptyhead)
  • some code editing plugins
  • a simple plugin developed by myself to include Croportal.net’s integration API automatically to all the posts etc. (which will be made available for free, of course)
  • integrate my profile and snippet goodies from various online communities that offer such possibilities (Flickr, last.fm, threadless, God knows what else…)
  • finish-up the about, CV, contact etc. pages on the blog, and put some proper content on those

Now, after that’s done, the plan is to publish some of the articles and tutorials that have been laying around in draft formats for quite some time, but I never pushed myself hard enough to get them finished.

Good luck to me, and smooth sailing all the way!

4 Responses to “Out with the old, in with the new!”

  1. g00d to find you man! alotta news and updates, nice! keep it up

  2. thx man, the todo list is growing by the hour :)

  3. gg!

  4. yo Sale!