Radiatorium Klokotur Stertor in D-minor +

These past few days (and nights) in the hospital have been… interesting.

Tonight, though, has been extra special. First I was forced to endure the whole Dora 2009 final evening terror, and then I had to listen to the winning song twice. Painkillers paired with 0,6l of dark beer helped (to an extent).

What I’m listening to now is a different beast altogether. It’s an amazing dissonance of running water sounds (coming from a non-purged-of-air radiator) paired with a cacophony of snores — there are 3 beds per room, mine’s in the middle — sometimes the left snorer performs a wonderful crescendo, sometimes the right one, sometimes they just complement each other perfectly. The running water sounds are randomly constant.

I’m dubbing tonight’s performance “Radiatorium Klokotur Stertor in D-minor”.

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