Screwed. +

Before (23.02.2009 10:03; morning of the surgery):

After (23.02.2009 14:10; right after the surgery, about 10mins after I woke up from narcosis):
Screwed. Clearly.

Getting another x-ray probably on Friday, to see if it healed ok and if I can start physiotherapy finally.

10 Responses to “Screwed.”

  1. “physiotherapy”!!!
    When I saw your tweet, I first read it as “psychotherapy” and I was like WTF o_O :D

    Good luck anyways!

    Where will you go for the therapy? When I was a kid, I had some right-shoulder issues (and I still do) and every summer I was in “Daruvarske toplice” for 20-30 days or so.

  2. That looks familiar :) Why is there always 7 screws? Anyway, hope it will heal good.

  3. Urgh, that looks nasty. Good luck with the treatment!

  4. you should really stop smoking, your lungs look real black..

  5. thx y’all. I guess 7 is a lucky number :D

  6. Sooo fashionable – just in time for the Terminator :)

  7. That looks painfull..Get well dude.

  8. o.O painfull indeed, gl with the therapy

  9. Woot! Ironman! It would be mroe cool if those were bullets, but anyway… at least you know where to find an extra screw when you need to attach a new hard drive or smtn… :D

  10. Wait! NAILGUN! QL!